Kevin Jin
Kevin Jin Financial Analyst. Software Engineer.


I am a self motivated developer and undergraduate student at the NYU Stern School of Business and the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences jointly concentrating in Finance, Statistics, and Computer Science.
I like cycling and other outdoor activities. In the summer, I spend an hour each day before sundown riding my bike for 12 miles to inspire me and context switch from my professional to my personal projects.
I follow the tech sector and frequently catch up with close connections in early stage growth startups and technology giants whom I met by competing in hackathons, being active in Tech@NYU events, and otherwise engaging in the startup scene.

I have 6 years of experience in server side applications programming, web design, and financial modeling — more than 3 years of which were earned in the industry. My GitHub profile hosts the source code of the projects on which I've spent my spare time. My other qualifications are listed on my LinkedIn page.
As a full-stack developer, I started teaching myself Java, SQL, network sockets, cryptography, memory usage optimization, object-oriented design patterns, and concurrent programming at the age of 13 when I began architecting a scalable distributed system from scratch because of my dissatisfaction with the existing open source server emulators for, what was then, a popular Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.
My expertise with system administration and web design began with administering a remote Linux server over SSH and attracting players to stress test that new codebase. My skills in PowerShell, C#, ASP.NET MVC, JScript, and other components of the Windows Server stack matured during my 2 years as a software engineer at Bad Rabbit Consulting. I developed my abilities in VBA, Excel spreadsheeting, R, and other analytical tools during the summer I spent at the investment management company Zais Group as a quantitative research intern.
I explored and employed more complex features of R, Python, and C++ while working alongside salesmen and traders as a quantitative analyst intern in the Securities Division at Goldman Sachs. I worked on the risk management and highly latency sensitive code of an automated trading system while rotating on the Equities Electronic Market Making Cash Trading Strats and Equities Quantitative Volatility Trading Strats desks.
For fun, I've dived into OpenGL and LibGDX to develop a better PC and Android graphical interface for my favorite board game, the Settlers of Catan.

Want to talk? I'm open to hearing about all kinds of opportunities and I enjoy the challenge of dabbling in unfamiliar disciplines. Send me an email and we'll evaluate whether I fit the bill.

from New York City,